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Funny Merry Christmas Messages images: We wish you a Happy and Merry Merry Christmas. We hope that this Christmas year may Lord Jesus Christ brings a lot of happiness and joy to you and your family.Here comes on this Christmas Eve we all celebrate this lovely Eve by sharing gifts, messages, many quotes, greetings much more with our friends and family.So here we go

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Funny Merry Christmas Messages:

  • Santa won’t be coming this year…
    He died laughing when you said you been a good girl.
    Have a Merry Christmas
  • A Christmas Reminder: Don’t try to borrow any money from elves;
    They’re always a little short! Have a Merry Christmas!
  • Christmas is not only for praying and praising
    But for drinking and messing around also Merry Christmas
  • Christmas is the day for blessings and love
    So let us do not overload priest
    Celebrate the Christmas here with party
    Merry Christmas to you
  • Let us rejoice and enjoy
    Has lord has given this day
    to drink as much you want
    Happy Christmas
  • I am wishing you Christmas wishes around you.
    Have two drinks and look
    Merry Christmas
  • I have Kept some photos in my home
    So come here instead of Church
    you can drink and pray,
    And no more boring speach from the priest
    Merry Christmas and Happy New year
  • Christmas is great but,
    Everyone’s insane!
    Going crazy with this funny Christmas game
    Wrapping gifts and cooking food
    And no one has time or is not in the mood.
  • Giving gifts to one another
    No one has time for my brother
    No attention for me at all
    I can’t even go to the mall!
    Christmas morning comes and what do I see
  • No Greeting Card To Give.
    No Sweet Flowers To Send.
    No Cute Graphics To Forward..
  • I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.
  • Christmas is the season of peace and goodwill till you go shopping and get the bill.
  • I never believed in Santa Claus because I knew no white man would be coming into my neighborhood after dark
  • Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love!
  • Dear Santa this year please give me
    a big fat bank account and a slim body
    and this year don’t mix the two up

Funny Christmas Messages


Funny Merry Christmas Messages


Funny Merry Christmas Wishes


Funny Merry Christmas Wishes – Christmas Funny Greetings SMS

Christmas is for priest, He rejoices
Again and again while delivering the speech
To helpless Church crowd.
(Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing)
So let us celebrate the Christmas here
Merry Christmas to you

Christmas is truly full of wonders.
It makes all of my savings disappear!
That is the Christmas magic
Merry Christmas

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They say that Christmas is just around the corner
How can it be when the world is round?

I think Santa must ride a plane instead of sleigh so that he can reach me faster.
I oftentimes fell asleep waiting for him.

Is Santa so busy that he cannot find time to groom himself?
I think he needs to shave his beard.

People went to midnight mass not to hear mass, but to let their seatmates hear their snores.

Since I brought the presents,
I’ve asked Santa to bring you love and happiness!

Hold peace, love and hope in your heart always
And Christmas will bring you what you wish for.

I pray to see not just Santa but also the Three Kings this Christmas.
This is the time when I can kiss the person I want to along with a Christmas greeting without being slapped on my face.You are all I want for Christmas.
But of course I would also appreciate much if I will get cars, house, cash and diamonds perhaps.

I think Santa Claus has got life figured out. He only visits people once a year.

I love Christmas. When else can you sit in front of a dead tree and eat candy out of socks?

I am glad that we take a holiday like Christmas to teach out children honesty. “Of course there is a Santa Claus.”

Christmas is only once a year and that is what I am most thankful for on Thanksgiving. Have a Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas! You know, if you feel like you two are ready to take such a big step.

You should know that you are getting older, when Santa Claus is starting to look younger.

Christmas is mostly for children. But we adults can enjoy it too, until the credit card bills arrive.

Funny Merry Christmas Images Pictures


Funny merry christmas Images


best funny Christmas pictures


merry christmas funny images


Funny Merry Christmas Pictures


Funny Merry Christmas Image-GIF

Funny Merry Christmas Pictures


Funny Merry Christmas Videos:


King Julien- Santa Claus is Coming to Madagascar

Merry Christmas! Funny 3D Animation

Santa’s Practice – Rudolph called in sick!

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